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Mitchell group was founded in the year 2005, by a group of individuals who were passionate about revolutionizing industries through technological advancements. The primary goal of the group was to create a conglomerate of companies, with each having its unique purpose of advancing the group's objective. Over the years, Mitchell Group has established a reputable brand in the industries it operates. The following are the industries that the group operates.

Industrial Automation Instrument Factory:
The Group's industrial automation instrument factory is one of its subsidiaries. The factory is responsible for the production of automation instruments that are used in various industries. These instruments include but are not limited to sensors, controllers, and electronic instruments. The factory's operation relies on a group of experts with years of experience in the industry. The team comprises engineers, technicians, and production staff who work together to accomplish the factory's objectives.

The success of the factory can be attributed to the company's dedication to quality. The company has invested heavily in acquiring the latest technology, equipment, and materials to aid in the production process. The factory has also undergone rigorous testing to ensure that all products meet the necessary industry standards.

Mold Factory:
The Mitchell Group's mold factory is another one of its subsidiaries. The factory specializes in the production of molds that are used in various industries. These molds are used to create products such as plastic containers, parts for machinery, and other materials. The factory's team of experts includes designers who come up with unique designs and solutions that meet clients' needs. The plastic injection molding process used in the factory ensures that clients' orders are completed to their exact specifications.

The mold factory is also dedicated to delivering high-quality products that meet industry standards. It has implemented quality control measures, such as regular checks and inspections, to ensure that its products are of the highest quality. The factory's success can be attributed to its commitment to meeting its clients' expectations while upholding quality.

China Europe Train Logistics:
The Mitchell Group's China Europe train logistics line is its latest addition. The company's logistics team utilizes the China Europe train network to transport goods for clients across Asia and Europe. The company's mission is to create an efficient transport network that connects the two continents, making it easier for businesses to move their goods.

Mitchell Group's China Europe train logistics is determined to deliver timely and high-quality services to its clients. The company has invested in a robust transport infrastructure and has established partnerships with other players in the logistics industry. The company's logistics team is composed of experts in the field who work tirelessly to ensure that goods are delivered on time and in perfect condition.

Technical Cooperation:
Mitchell Group's success can be attributed to its partnerships in technical cooperation with Xiamen University and Beijing University of science and technology. These partnerships have provided the group with access to the best minds and expertise in the industry. The partnerships have allowed the firm to stay ahead of the curve, keeping up with the latest industry trends and technologies. The group has benefited from the universities' research facilities, which have helped it to develop innovative products and solutions.

Mitchell Group's success is a product of its dedication to innovation and quality. The group's subsidiaries have proven to be pioneers in their respective industries. The company has invested heavily in acquiring the best technology, equipment, and experts in the industry. Its partnerships with Xiamen University and Beijing University of science and technology have enabled the firm to stay ahead of the curve. The group is committed to delivering quality services and products to its clients while maintaining its reputation as a leading industry player.
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