KHT500 Wall Type Room Temperature and Humidity Transmitter

KHT500 is wall type temperature and humidity sensor, adopting Switzerland advanced sensor module and high performance single chip designed for temperature humidity measurement indoor room, widely used in Used in building automation, hotel, library, room, clean room, dust-free workshop or plant, medical, warehouse, super-market etc environment air measurement.

Products Details

• High Accuracy, High Stability; With LCD indicator or not • High sealing technology and excellent coating protection • Range: T: -20 to 80°C, 0-50°C, -40 to 60°C; H: 0-100% • Output: 4-20mA,0-5VDC,0-10VDC, RS485 output • Accuracy: T:±3°C, H:±3%; • Resolution: T:0.1°C, H:0.1%RH • Long-term stability: T:<04/year, H: <0.5%RH/year • Response time: T6t (63%): max=3s; H((90%): 5s • Temperature Range can be set by DIN switch • With indicator or not, optional • Wide power supply: 12-36VDC; 15-36VDC(4-20mA)
Accuracy T:±0.3℃ (Full range in average); Power Supply 15-36VDC (4-20mAOutput);
RH: 3%RH (including non-linear, repeatability, hysteresis) 12-36VDC(0-5VDC, 0-10VDC;RS485 Output)
Long Stability T: <0.04℃/year; RH:<0.05%RH/year Power consumption 15mA/30mA
Range T: -20 to 80℃; 0 to 50℃, , -40 to 60℃; Housing Material ABS
RH:0-99.9% Installation Wall Type
Resolution T: 0.1℃, RH:0.1%RH Case Size 80mmx100mmx24mm (LxWXH)
Response time T: 6t(63%): 3seconds Terminals Size 1×2.5 mm² or 2×1.5 mm²
Output H (90% static air): 5 seconds Entry connector M16x1.5mm
4-20ma, 0-5VDC, 1-5VDC; RS485 output Protection Electrical Case: IP54
RS485Protocol Standard MODBUS- RTU protocol Working Ambient T:-40 to 80℃, H:0-99.9%,no dew
Baud rate 9600; customized Storage Temperature 10-50℃ (0-125℃ at peak)
KHT500 temperature and humidity sensor
Order Code: KHT300- AN Description
KHT500 -X X KHT500 Wall Type temperature and humidity sensor
Indicator -N None
-D Yes, with indicator
Output Type A 4-20mA
V 0-5VDC
V2 0-10VDC
R RS485 output

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