Intelligent Thermocouple transmitter

The intelligent temperature transmitter can change the model of the sensor and the corresponding temperature range. It can be used by downloading free software. KH213 series temperature transmitter module iswith 24V power supply, two-wire system of integrated transmitter. Products adopts imported integrated circuits, the thermal resistance or thermocouple signal amplification and conversion into 4-20mA or 0-10mA output current, or 0 ~ 5V output voltage. One armored transmitter can directly measure the gas or liquid temperature is particularly suitable for low temperature range measurement, to overcome the condensation of water on the impact of temperature measurement. Thermal resistance measurement range: PT100:-200~650℃;CU50:-50~150℃ Thermocouple measurement range: K type:300~1200℃; E type:200~800℃;S type:600~1600℃ Output siginal: 4-20mA,0-10mA,0-10V,0-5V Measurement accuracy: Thermocouple measurement:0.2~0.3% Thermocouple:1~2% Temperature drift: 0.025%/℃ Power supply: +12VDC or +24VDC±10% Work environment: 0~70℃ Storage Conditions: -40~+85℃  

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Cloud acquisition software, only NEED 4G wireless module communication, no wiring, easy to install! Mobile phone computer remote view data or graph, at the same time with SMS alarm function.Xiamen mitcheil automation co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of industrial instruments, advanced technology and CE, ROHS, ISO certification can ensure the quality. Our own production plant can ensure price advantage.
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The equipment uses RS485 communication connection acquisition card to achieve real-time recording, monitoring and query Output Signal: 4-20mA Max Load:max. (V power supply-7.5V)/0.022A (current output) Measurement:tempt-lineatiry,resistance-linearity, voltage-linearity Circuit limit: <=22Ma Response time: <=1second Saturation current: Low side 3.9mA, high side 20.5Ma Alarm current: sensor damger or sensor turnoff output is 3.9mA or 22mA(except TC) Accuracy: 0.1%FS Measuring accuracy is related to m Power supply: U=12V to 40V Working temperature: -40 to 85℃ Storage temperature: -40 to 100℃ Condenstaion: Allowable Protection: IP00; IP66 (mounted) Earthquake resistance:4g/2 to 150HZ Voltage effection: can ignore Mounted angle: no limit Transfer various kinds of input signal into 4-20mA output Input: RTD, Thermocouple Configuration by PC 2 kinds of resistance thermometer input (RTD) 8 kinds of thermocouple (TC) Built-in cold junction compensation Input:
Model Type Measuring Range Min Range
RTD Pt100 -200 to 600℃ 10K
Cu50 -50 to150℃ 10K
TC B 400 to 1820℃ 500K
E -100 to 1000℃ 50K
J -100 to 1200℃ 50K
K -180 to 1372℃ 50K
N -180 to 1300℃ 50K
R -50 to 1760℃ 500K
S -50 to 1760℃ 500K
T -200 to 400℃ 50K

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