KH800 small color paperless recorder

Indicate date and time of recorded data

Products Details

Petroleum, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Metallurgy, Paper, Electricity, Nuclear power, Food, Cement, Building, aviation, Medical University lab, Marine, Sewage treatment etc
Time Display Indicate date and time of recorded data Trend Display Allow you to view data in trend forms Digital Display Allow you to view data in digital form Alarm State Alarm state display: HH,LL,H,L when alarm occurs Key Panel Allows you to perform selection of display, setting, data change, and channel no. change USB Port Allows you to download data from recorder to PC by USB flash drive

Long Time Memory

8MB built in memory for long time memory, up to 440 years.

MODBUS-RTU Communication

Photoelectrical isolated RS485 serial communication is available. Standard MODBUS-RTU protocol with reading and writing functions.


Recorder turns off the backlight of LCD and exit parameter setting screen when non-operation.

PC Support Software

Display data in digit and trend format, Export data as Excel format for further analysis, Print trend data by

Universal Input, 8 Points Max. Recording

PHOTOMOS isolated universal input, 10 types of thermocouples, 3 types of resistance bulb, DC voltage, DC current, mV,0-5Hz frequency input are available.

Math, Flow Totalizer Option

Math: addition: +, subtraction: -; multiplication: *; division: /; average; Max.; Min.


10/100M Ethernet port, support MODBUS-TCP/IP protocol, can be configurable with HMI, DCS etc flexibly

USB Drive, TF Card Data Transferring

Saved data transferred by USB flash drive directly, plug and play; CF card for extend memory transferring

General Specification
Power Supply 100-240VAC, 47-63Hz;  
Power Consumption Maximum 25VA
Insulation Power to ground > 1500VACPower to housing > 1500VAC
Keyboard         P/E, Left, Right, UP, Down
Materials   ABS for case and bezel
Terminal           M5 screw terminal
CPU 32bits, high performance and integrated ARM
Mount Method Panel Flush Mounted
Size/Mount Size/Mass 195x145x60.5mm/lkg
Operation Temperature Working Temperature:0-50degCRelative humidity; 10%-85%( now dew)
Transport /Storage Temperature: -20-60℃Relative humidity : 5%-95%(nodew)
Input Specification
Number of inputs 1, 2, 3, 4,5,6,7,8 points
Input Signal Thermocouple: 10 types (K,S,B,E,J,N,R,T,WRe526,WRe325)RTD-Resistance bulbs: 3 types(Pt100, CU50,CU100) Linear DC Voltage: (0-5VDC, 1-5VDC,0-10VDC) DC Current: (4-20mA, 0-10 mA) mV:0-20mV,0-60mV, 0-100mV, 0-500mV
Sample Rate 1second
Scaling -20000 to 20000 
CMR Ratio     85-110dB
Temperature Shift 50PPM
Photoelectrical Isolation 1000VAC between channels ground400VAC between channels
Input Independence 0-5VDC and 1-5VDC input: 500KΩ4-20minput: 250 KΩ0-10mA  input: 500KΩ Other signal input :20MΩ
Input Error Action Max, Min, Hold
Display Specification
Display 7.0 inch, 320X240 TFT, Color LCD display
Life of Backlight 50,000hours
Screensaver Time 0-30000s, settable
Unit 77 , settable and addable each channel
Display Contents Reatime Trend DisplayIn horizontal, selected in the refreshment cycles of  1  to 3600secScale displayReatime Circular Chart Display Digitadisplay Single and multi channels display Bargraph Display History Trend Display History Circular Chart Display Printing Setting Display System Configuration 

Recording Specification

Memory Media

USB memory , FAT16 format
TF card for extended data transferring
Memory Flash memory
Memory Capacity 8MB built in for long time record
Record Interval 1 to 3600 seconds, settable flexibly
Record Time     Record time =45daysx record interval÷ channel numbers . Can record 1 day data at least, also for 440 years at most
Recording Method Start recording when power on.      Scenter recording when power off.
Data Save Cycle Oldest data replaced by newest data accordingly when memory is full
Data Format Binary format or cannot read or write

Optional Output Function

Relay Alarm

up to 8 points, 220VAC/30VDC/3A, NO
Print RS232 print port
USB USB flash drive for data transferring
TF TF card for extend data transferring
Auxiliary Power Supply 24VDC, max.40mfor sensor and transmitters, up to 8 points built in
Communication RS485,RS232 serial port, standard MODBUS-RTU Protocol
Flow  Totalize Flow totalize and batch totalize
Alarm Function
Type of Alarm High, Low, High-High, Low-Low limit
No. of Setting Up to 4 alarms are settable for each 
Alarm Indication Alarm States is displayed in digital, trend, bargraph, circular chart. When alarm occurs, state flashing
Alarm output Up to 8 points, 3A contact
Alarm Setting Individuaor common output

Communication Function

Serial Communication

Photoelectrical isolated RS485 , communication port, read and write data and parameter, MODBUS-RTU
Ethernet 10/100M Ethernet port communication, MODBUS-TCP/IP
Cable RS485 shielded twisted pair cable

Print Function

Print Port

RS232C comm. Port, Baudrate: 9600
Printer Dot-matrix mini printer; Ribbon Resolution: 60,120,240dots/line
Data Printed Type History data, Real time data , history curve data, optional

Reference Performance

Accuracy 0.2 grade when RTD, linearvoltage, linear current and T.C input0.2%FS±2.0℃ when T.C input with cold junction compensation by internal part of recorder
Indication Resolution 0.1
Input Resistance RTD: Current 2.5mA, three wire, max.10ohm per each wire.Thermocouple: not more than 1000Ω.
Clock Clock accuracy: +-5ppm. After power off, Li battery for continual power supply. The validity of battery is 30days.

PC Support Software (Standard-supplied CD-ROM)

O/S Window 2000/XP,  VISTA
Required Hard Disk Capacity Free capacity of 30MB or larger required
Required Memory 1GB or larger
Contents The follows types are included as standard:1) Data Analysis Software It allows you to view the past recorded data in digit and curve format from data saved in recorder to USB flash drive It allows you to export the data as Excel format for further analysis It allows you to print the curve data by office printer 2) DCS configuration Software It  allows you to view real time data in digit, curve format It can save the past data with same function with data analysis software.

History Data Transferred to USB flash drive or TF card can be viewed to personal computer (Data analysis software)

History Data Transferred to USB flash drive or TF card can be viewed to personal computer (Data analysis software)

Please install the software in CD and USB flash drive or TF card to PC before usage. O/S: Window 2000/XP, VSTA Required hard disk capacity :Free capacity of 30MB or larger required Software functions: .reading recording data and display the data in digital and curve type .Printing the curve data in software through office printer .Export the data as Excel format for further analysis.Please install DCS software for RS485 communication in CD before usage. O/S: Window 2000/XP, VSTA Required hard disk capacity :Free capacity of 30MB or larger required Repeater is needed when more than 100m communication distance. Software functions: .Real time reading and monitoring the data digital and curve type in PC. .Meanwhile, recording the recording data automatically, whose data also can be exported as Excel format for further analysis.


Code and Description












KH400G  Paperless Recorder

Channel No.










One Channel










Two Channels



















Forty-weight Channels

LCD Color









Color TFT display

Relay Alarm Output
















1 alarm: NO ,30VDC/3A, 220VAC/3A








2 alarm: NO ,30VDC/3A, 220VAC/3A















8 alarm: NO ,30VDC/3A, 220VAC/3A

Communication port















RS485 communication. Port, MODBUS-RTU







Ethernet communication. Port, MODBUS-TCP/IP













RS232 printing port for mini printer, WH-E20 mini printer as default. Please advise the printer no. if the mini printer is customized.

USB function


USB flash drive to download data to PC, free PC data analysis software offered

TF function







TF card for extend data transferring automation.

Flow totalizer with Temperature and Pressure compensation; Math





Flow totalizer accumulation with compensation; or Basic math: +, -, x, /, min, max, average

Power supply

N 100-240VAC, 47-63HZ

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