MIC-HZT Temperature and Vibration Monitoring Sensor

MIC-HZT integrative Temperature and vibration transmitter, integrating the traditional vibration sensor and the accuracy measuring circuit together, not only achieve “sensor + transmitter” mode vibration measurement system function, but also achieve economic but high accuracy vibration measure system. The transmitter can connect directly with PLC, DCS or other systems. Mounted on the bearing cover of rotating machines, the transmitter is an ideal choice for steam turbine, compressors, motors, blower, fans, water pump etc to measure vibration speed or vibration amplitude. The transmitter can be used widely in heating and power plant, cement plant, machine plant, blower plant, paper made plant, coal mine machine etc. Mounting method: vertical or horizontal mounted on the measured vibrating point

Products Details

Sensitivity 20mv/mm/s±0.3%  30mv/mm/s±0.3%  50mv/mm/s±0.3%
Frequency Response 10-1000Hz

Measuring Range


0-10mm/s  0-20mm/s  0-30.0mm/s  0-40.0mm/s  0-50.0mm/s  other 0-100um   0-200um    0-300um   0-500um     0-1000um  other  
Measuring Range Temperature 0-200℃ or Other  
Signal Output: 2-groups 4-20mA (default when order) or  Other
Output Impedance ≤500
Power supply DC24V
Max acceleration 20g
Measurement Direction vertical or horizontal
Mounting method vertical or horizontal mounted on the measured vibrating point
Mounting thread ThreadM8*1.25or Other
Ambient Temperature -40℃ to 85℃
Relative humidity  ≤90%
Size φ39×82mm
Weight About 400g
Remark:This product has anti-inversion function inside, so there is no positive or negative difference between the lead wire, that is, +24V to connect one line at will, 4-20mA to connect another line.For exampleMIC-HZT-B  -C(V02-D(11-E(02-F(4) -T(1) Meaning: Type of measurement - - non-explosion-proof, Measuring range - - 0-20mm/s Installation mode - - M8 *1.25 Cable length - - 2 meters Output - -Vibration: 4-20mA Temperature: 4-20mA;MIC-HZT Selection of Piezoelectric Integrated Vibration Transmitter MIC-HZT-□-C□□-D□□-E□□-F□□-T□□
HD  Type C  measuring range D  Thread E Wire length F  Output T Temperature
B (Non explosion-proof   F (explosion-proof     V: 01: 0~10mm/s 02: 0~20mm/s 03: 0~30mm/s ......... D: 11: 0~100um 12: 0~200um 13: 0~300um ......... 11: M8*1.25 12: M10*1.0 13: M5*0.8 14: 1/4~28 15:Other   01: 1m 02: 2m 03: 3m .............     4:4-20mA (default) 1:0-200℃ 2:Other  
The equipment uses RS485 communication connection acquisition card to achieve real-time recording, monitoring and query  
Cloud acquisition software, only NEED 4G wireless module communication, no wiring, easy to install! Mobile phone computer remote view data or graph, at the same time with SMS alarm function.
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Packing: put the product in bubble bag first and then in carton Accessories: manual, wire Air freight :DHL, TNT and other express

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