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High accuracy: +-(0.2%FS+1) Programmable single or universal analog input signals: T.C. RTD, mA DC, mV DC. Suitable for measuring and displaying temperature, pressure, humidity, flow level, vibration etc. Dual windows, four digit, 7 segment LED display, easy to set parameter and alarm value. SMT technology, design more concise; adopts advanced modular structure, flexible configuration.Universal 85-240VAC or 24VDC power supply option, with thunderbolt proof and 10second protection from connecting to 380VAC by mistake. Supporting digit filtering, digital offsetting and thermocouple cold junction auto compensation, flexible maintenance and easy operation. Supporting up to 4 alarm outputs, each alarm can be configured up to HA, HHA, LA,LLA for limits alarms. Supporting auxiliary power supply; 5VDC, 12VDC, 24VDC for external sensor and transmitters. Supporting current retransmission output for signal further transmission. Supporting RS485, RS232 communication based on MODBUS-RTU protocol, configurable with SCADA, OPC servers etc for remote place communication.

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* Input Signal T.C : K、S、E、J、T、B、N RTD : Cu50、Pt100 Linear voltage : 0-5V,1-5V,0-10VDC Linear current : 0-10mA, 4-20mA (should connect external precision resistor, 500Ω for 0-10mA or 250Ω for 4-20mA) Extended signal: one input signal can be customized (Please advise the signal index no. when non-linear input) * Measure range: Thermocouple: K ( -50 ~ 1300℃ )、S ( -50 ~ 1700℃ )、T ( -200 ~ 350℃ ) 、E ( 0 ~ 800℃ )、J ( 0 ~ 1000℃ )、B ( 300 ~ 1800℃ )、N ( 0 ~1300℃ ) RTD: Cu50 ( -50 ~ 150℃ ) 、Pt100 ( -200 ~ 600℃ )、Cu100 ( -50 ~ 150℃ ) * Linear input: -999 to +9999 defined by user. * Measure accuracy: 0.2 grade when RTD, linear voltage, linear current, T.C input with free points cold junction compensation or copper resistance compensation) 0.2%FS±2.0℃ when T.C input with temperature compensation on cold-junction inside the meter * Respond time: ≤0.5s when the filtering parameter FiL=0 * Control way: On-off, Auto PID self-tuning, manual PID * Output Specification: Relay alarm outputs: 220VAC/2A, 220VAC/2A SSR voltage driving output: 12VDC0/30mA SCR contactless output: 100-240VAC/0.2A (continually), 2A(when 20mS, the repeated period time is more than 5S) Auxiliary power supply: 5VDC, 12VDC, 24VDC Linear current retransmission output: 4-20mA default or 0-10mA or customized Communication output: RS485, RS232 serial interface * Alarm Function High limit, higher limit, low limit, lower limit, dFHA, dFLA , up to 4 alarm output. * Power Supply:85-240VAC,-15%,+10% / 50-60Hz;OR 24VDC/AC,-15%,+10% * Power Consumption: ≤5W * Ambient Temperature:0-50℃ * Ambient Humidity:<85%RH * Front Panel Dimension 96x96mm, 160x80mm, 80x160mm, 48x96mm, 96x48mm, 72x72mm, 48x48mm●Panel Cutout Dimension 92+0.5x 92+0.5mm, 45+0.5 x 92+0.5mm, 92+0.5x45+0.5mm, 152+0.5 x76+0.5mm, 76+0.5 x 152+0.5mm, 68+0.5 x 68+0.5mm, 45+0.5 x45+0.5mm. * Depth Mounting Surface: ≤100mm.

nternet Cloud Platform

Cloud acquisition software, only NEED 4G wireless module communication, no wiring, easy to install! Mobile phone computer remote view data or graph, at the same time with SMS alarm function.

Device real-time monitoring query

The equipment uses RS485 communication connection acquisition card to achieve real-time recording, monitoring and query
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