KH3000G 12Channels Intelligent Data Logger

MIC3000G 12Channels Intelligent Data Logger (144x144x130mm, up to 12 channels) for TFT true color LIQUID crystal display, completely isolated universal input, such as thermocouple, thermal resistance, current voltage, temperature, liquid level, pressure, voltage, current, flow, vibration frequency input; Adopt modularized structure to output alarm, sensor auxiliary power supply, forwarding, printing, communication and other functions. Measurement data can be displayed in a variety of types, such as bar chart graphic display, real-time trend, historical trend memory, real-time circular chart, historical circular chart memory, alarm state display, etc. Curves and data can also be printed by small printer through RS232 port. It also provides the function of viewing data of year, month, day, hour, minute, and second. The recorder can be configured with OPC server, SCADA system and other professional software, using modbus-RTU communication protocol through RS485 port. Historical data can be directly downloaded through the U disk, plug and play, convenient and flexible. The data analysis software supported by PC can print the data into curves and output them in Excel format for further analysis.

Products Details

Analog Input Specification
Input Signal Thermocouple: 10 types (K,S,B,E,J,N,R,T,WRe526,WRe325) RTD-Resistance bulbs: 3 types (Pt100, CU50,CU100) Linear DC Voltage:  (0-5VDC, 1-5VDC,0-10VDC) DC Current: (4-20mA, 0-10 mA) mV: 0-20mV,0-60mV,  0-100mV, 0-500mV
Accuracy 0.2 grade when RTD, linear voltage, linear current and T.C input 0.2%FS±2.0℃ when T.C input with cold junction compensation by internal part of recorder
Sampling Rate ≤1 s
CMR Ratio 85-110dB
Input Independence 0-5VDC and 1-5VDC input: 500KΩ 4-20mA input: 250 KΩ 0-10mA  input: 500KΩ Other signal input :20MΩ
Isolation Isolated voltage between channels and ground: 1000VAC.Isolated voltage between channels:400VAC
Input Error Action Max, Min, Hold
Power Supply Specification
Power supply VAC: 100-240VAC, frequency: 47-63 HZ
Insulation When power insulation to ground is higher than 1500VAC, leakage current: 10mA for one minute When power insulation to housing is higher than 1500VAC, leakage current: 10mA for one minute
Output Specification
Aux. power supply 24VDC, max.40mA for sensor and transmitters, up to 8 points built in
Processor 32 bits, high performance and integrated ARM CPU
Hardware guider CPU inner integration for long time, stable and safe operation
Hardware Clock Adopt hardware real clock with high stability. Clock accuracy: +-5ppm. After power off, Li battery for continual power supply. The validity of battery is 30days.
Data Memory All data will be stored in FLASH memory, not need reserve battery in order to ensure that all the history data and configuration parameters will be not lost when power off.
Comm. Port Photoelectrical isolated RS485 communication interface
Comm. Protocol Standard MODBUS- RTU comm. protocol, can communicate with modern HMI and DCS directly.
Printing Port Photoelectrical isolated RS232C print port, Baudrate: 9600bps. Maximum print resolution:240dot/line
Record Time Record time =45daysx record interval÷ channel numbers . Can record 1 day data at least, also for 440 years at most
Display 7.0 inch, 320X240 TFT, Color LCD display
Size Dimension: 144mm*144mm*73mm
Ambient Working Temperature:0-50degC   Relative humidity; 10%-85%( now dew) Transport and storage: -20-60℃   Relative humidity : 5%-95%(nodew)

Multichannel Screen

The equipment uses RS485 communication connection acquisition card to achieve real-time recording, monitoring and query
Cloud acquisition software, only NEED 4G wireless module communication, no wiring, easy to install! Mobile phone computer remote view data or graph, at the same time with SMS alarm function.
Xiamen mitcheil automation co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of industrial instruments, advanced technology and CE, ROHS, ISO certification can ensure the quality. Our own production plant can ensure price advantage.
At present, the company's trade scale is expanding day by day, customers all over the world, with good reputation has been the trust of customers at home and abroad, our enthusiasm hope: you and I hand in hand, create a better future!Packing: Put PC into bubble bag first, and then into carton Accessories: Manual, U disk Air freight: DHL, TNT and other expressMIC3000G Selection of Data Logger For example : MIC-3008G-S3-U-T-N Meaning: Channel -------eight  Channels Relay Alarm Output-------8 alarm: NO ,30VDC/3A, 220VAC/3A Communication port-------Ethernet communication. Port, MODBUS-TCP/IP USB--------USB flash drive to download data to PC, free PC data analysis software offered TF function------TF card for extend data transferring automation. Power supply-------100-240VAC, 47-63HZ Communication


Code and Description

Basic Code


MIC800 Data Logger



One Channel


Two Channels



Twelve  Channels

Relay Alarm Output




1 alarm: NO ,30VDC/3A, 220VAC/3A


2 alarm: NO ,30VDC/3A, 220VAC/3A
...... .................................


7 alarm: NO ,30VDC/3A, 220VAC/3A


8 alarm: NO ,30VDC/3A, 220VAC/3A
Communication port




RS485 communication. Port, MODBUS-RTU


RS232 communication. Port, MODBUS-RTU


Ethernet communication. Port, MODBUS-TCP/IP





RS232 printing port for mini printer, WH-E20 mini printer as default. Please advise the printer no. if the mini printer is customized.
USB U USB flash drive to download data to PC, free PC data analysis software offered

TF function




TF card for extend data transferring automation.

Power supply


100-240VAC, 47-63HZ



Single channel Screen


History Circular Screen


History Trend Screen


Display screen on PC


Bar graph Screen

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